Monday, September 25, 2006

Yoooo Hooooo!

EDIT: while I wrote this blog on 9/25, it seems that blogger is not my friend. I had to republish again today. DOH!

If anyone out there was wondering, yes, I'm still here, and no I haven't given up on blogland yet. The dastardly cold virus got me, and it got me good. I had to work through it [well, went home early one day]. I had to bow out of the genius, and fun sounding Sock Wars. I was such a warrier at work, that I had no energy to get the unexpected goods required for battle. Did anyone see dk yarn and #5 dpns coming? I sure didn't. Having seen some of the socks that have already been completed, I'm impressed. I wish everyone good luck in the battle, may the best sockster win!

Naturally, I had to share the bloody cold with Mr. B. so the poor man had to suffer our exceptionally busy weekend going here and there, but struggled through. Weekend was fun, I wasn't so keen on the whole 80's theme of the party in CT, but had way more fun than expected.

I did manage to finish a knitted item though, here's a sneak peek. More photos to come when I can find some daylight, it's getting a bit shy.

Right, I better get going, I have a bunch of blog reading to get to - I have to admit that it's a little daunting to be so far behind. If I don't say hi quite yet, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you.