Sunday, January 17, 2010

Remember Me?

OHAI! yes! it's me, I'm popping in to blog for the first time in, ahem, over a year, ahem. I guess I got busy and distracted, and blogging has not been top of my list of things to do. Everything is great here. Since going back to work (coincidentally, the last time I blogged was just around the time I returned to work) I've been pretty busy, and generally pretty happy about it. I'm really just chronicling my knitting at ravelry, flickring and occasional facebooking and other stuff. I moved to a bigger and better apartment over the holidays. Oh, and still I'm selling bags in my etsy shop.

Speaking of the shop, this is the reason for this erratic post, I decided today, in line with the amazing pattern sellers on rav doing "Help for Haiti" donations, that 50% of my bag sales will go directly to Save the Children until January 31st. Save the Children has worked in Haiti for 25 years with 100 staff on the ground. Will be providing food, water, shelter and child-friendly spaces. Because Save the Children's offices did not suffer the structural damage of other non-governmental organizations, other aid workers have taken refuge in the agency's compound, where operations are being run out of offices and tents (quoted directly from Charity Navigator)

So. If you've been debating about buying a cube recently, this could not be a better time to buy one, come on over and see if there are any that take your fancy.

For those of you who don't already know, you can find out when the shop is updated with new items either through following me on twitter, or subscribing to the shop's rss feed.