Saturday, November 29, 2008

Me Knits?

I've not a lot of time before my head hits the keyboard in a full-on sleep, however, I really wanted to post a couple of "me knits" (no longer are they to be called selfish knits in the Schrodinger household, there's already enough guilt involved in being a Mum without the guilt of 'selfish' knitting). Both took very little time to knock out, both were a pleasure to knit (hence the speedy knitting) and both are going to get great use.

First of all we have the Ilean cowl. I had some malabrigo and had started a cabled hat of my own design, it turned out too small, so I ripped and gave up, and then decided that I didn't actually need another cabled hat, I needed a cowl instead. I adapted this to add a button band and buttons, just to make things easier on putting it on or off when wearing headphones :) Details on Ravelry.

After seeing Maya's stunningly beautiful FLS, a bunch of spiders have decided to jump on the February Lady Sweater bandwagon by doing a little, unofficial knitalong. I was not for it at first, stating that I just didn't "have the time" but then kept seeing FLS's in progress, and I caved. Out came a webs gift certificate and before I knew it, I had an FLS (according to ravelry, this knit only took me 20 days).

Like so many people before me, I adore this sweater, I love the color and fit and style. I'm thinking I will feel even more comfortable if/when my "lady bits" decrease a little in size.

I'm too lazy to post details here when I already pumped them into ravelry, so you'll need to go there if you want that info.