Sunday, January 14, 2007

Boringly normal

Thanks again to everyone for the advice on the pirate mittens. I ripped out the mitt and started again, and now know that that extra little tug I was giving was making the puckering. I am happy to report that the mitten is coming out really well, pictures will be coming soon, once I get some actual sunlight. I did, however, take some crappy pictures of my Glittens, which you've probably seen a lot of over blogland. They were a pretty quick and relatively easy knit, and I'm pleased that I tackled something that I was always a bit dubious I could make [gloves].

Pattern: Patons Convertible mittens from leaflet # 1159.
Yarn: Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Jade.
Needles: Denises #6 and #7, using magic loop, I also used a crochet hook to pick up the stitches for the mitten, it proved to be a tricky task for me.
Adaptations: I only cast on 40 sts (48 gave me a very baggy glove), so the fingers had 2 less stitches each, leaving me with a k1, p1 in between fingers. I knit less rows for the thumb, and also adapted the decrease pattern at the top of the mitt for a more rounded (rather than pointed) top.

And now for something completely different. This 6 weird things meme has been floating around blogland forever now. And, as usual, I'm a little slow on the uptake. To be honest, I put off doing this one because I was pretty sure that there wasn't anything weird about me, certainly not blogworthy. But, I had a go at it anyway, so here you are:

1. Like some others, I have difficulty differentiating my left and right. I usually have to say "right to write" and look at my hand to remind myself. I have successfully sent people with the completely wrong directions, unintentionally, only realizing way too late.

2. When I was a kid walking home from school I would sometimes imagine that a person walking or driving by was a famous filmmaker and they would see my amazing talent by the way I walked and come dashing over to tell me that I have to star in their latest blockbuster. There are some days now that I occasionally think about being 'spotted' when I see a limo drive. [yup, I'm actually pretty embarrassed by this one].

3. I practice Reiki (just first degree). While my attunement was a very profound experience and I've seen it have amazing effects on myself and others, I'm still a doubting Thomas.

4. My middle toe on my left foot is much longer and larger than the one on my right, it happened when I was hurrying over to the TV to turn up the music for "Neighbours" (oh, I miss Ramsey St) which my baby cousin loved so much - he was so cute singing along to it. I couldn't wear shoes for a week, the toe still hurts in the cold, and turns a funny purpley colour when it's hot.

5. Apart from my first [as an adult] project, I have never used the required yarn for a knitting pattern. I just don't think that it's in me. I clearly have the desire to be different and the need to make things more complicated than need be (I'm pretty sure that I can't be the only one in this one).

6. Since I spent a huge amount of my childhood in Germany, I would grow up watching at lot of stuff in German, I loved Neverending Story, even though I didn't 'get' everything that was going on in it, I watched the German version at least 3 times before ever seeing the US version. I was actually an adult before I realized that Sesame Street was an American show!

PS: I buckled and upgraded to new blogger, once I found out that I can now label my posts I couldn't resist.