Sunday, March 09, 2008

An adventure?

Yeah, yeah, I'm neglectful of the blog, but you'll be thanking me if you knew how little there was to share with you. You see, not so much knitting has been happening chez schrodinger, and what little there's been must remain under wraps until they've been gifted. However, I should have shared the wonderful sock that I was lucky enough to receive from the lovely Marie.

Poseidon sock (by schrodinger212)

Isn't is marvelous? It's the poseidon [pdf] sock (pattern by the talented Elinor). The yarn is Marie's new 3-ply, softspun plus, however, I need Marie to rescue me with the name of the colorway. Look at that heel, impressive!

Poseidon - heel (by schrodinger212)

I want to thank each and every one of you for your sweet comments about my most exciting WIP, I really appreciate it. And I think that your well wishes have gone a long way since I'm feeling considerably better. A little tired maybe, and more than a little fuzzy-brained (quite peculiar and more than a little embarrassing at times), but better, and I like it that way.