Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

Austria is a stunning place - the views are magical. This is what I saw out of the bedroom window the morning after we arrived at my parents (it was pitch black when we arrived the night before).

First thing I saw when I opened the curtains

There are actually too many stunning views than I could shake a stick at, even just the walk into town had views like this:




and this:


you can go to my flickr set for more.

As for other things about the trip, the beer and food were plentiful. And over the holidays the neighbors bring home-made cookies and highly alcoholic orange punch.


I managed to bag myself the cutest slippers ever.


I gave gifts of socks to my parents and a hat to little brother (never got a picture of the hat, sadly).

Childs first Socks for Mum (Lazy ravelry link - sorry)
Child's first sock

Dads Earl Grey Socks (another lazy ravelry link)


All were well appreciated.

I even made some mitten ornaments for the parents:

Mitten ornaments

The trip was a lovely and relaxing one, we saw Salzburg and even got a half day in Munich. I had no idea how stressed I'd become before we went away, with work being full on, and all the sewing during my free moments. I'm still on wind down right now, it's great!

I did a bit of knitting while away as well, but that's for another post.