Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm Back

Mr B and I had a phenomenal trip in San Fran. I'm amazed at how much we fit into a week (well 6 days). Highlights include: the Bridge (of course), having my fortune told by a mechanical wizard, the sea-lions on Pier 39, Muir woods, wine tasting, knitting on various modes of transportation (love public transport in SF), Uncle Vito's Pizza, Artfibers and ImagiKnits - both wonderful, friendly experiences, North Shore Jazz festival going up Coit Tower (what great views) among other things. Here's some random shots from the trip.

One downer was that when we got back our mailbox was empty, I called USPS to find out what happened, finally got a call back from the local office. After some 'discussion' it turns out that they don't know where my mail is, they think that the postman just took it all out when he thought the mailbox was too full and he may have kept it, or just returned to sender. We were away for a week, a WEEK people!! So now I have to go in on Monday to see if they have my mail. I don't know if they have my Netflix movies (LOST - Goddammit!), any cards and/or gifts for my birthday. I'm pissed! I've never had this happen before, I've never had my mail confiscated for going away on vacation for a week - WTF!?

The upper is that I had a nearly finished top to finish off waiting for me when I got home. I finished it this morning, and here it is, please excuse my San Fran t-shirt tan (yes, for me, this is tanned).

Yarn: Suss Cotton in Chamois
Needles: Denise's in US 9 and 10.5
Pattern: Lelah Top modified. By Knitting for Boozehags.
Mods/thoughts: The most obvious was the straps I added, I did them in a ribbing pattern. I did a single crochet edging. The top feels a tad too big, but I still love it!

I've had a test knitter (thanks Harriet!) give me excellent feedback on the twisted tweed socks and just have to tweak the pattern a little. Trouble is, I have to go out for dinner this evening, then Mr B has a gig tonight - technically tomorrow since it's at 1am! So I hope I get a chance to get it out in a few days. Thanks for your patience.