Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sweat shop.

The Bloglines plumber has been in and clearly fudged things up - trying to tell me I had 100+ posts to read this morning, eh? Ha! They lie!

Anyway, I've got some pictures for ya! First of all, the love of my knitting life right now, the Nantucket Jacket. The back is complete, and have started the right front - no pics of that since it's just a smaller version of the back ;) I'm making the jacket longer in the body, since I like longer tops. I'm going to make the sleeves longer though. I just haven't decided between 3/4 length, or just going full length - ideas? opinions?

Now the neglected, but definitely not forgotten Man's Zipped Raglan from LMKG. Can you see in the picture that I partly blocked the right front? I'm posting a photograph of it here is to make me feel the urge to finish the damn thing (again!).

My goal (dream?) is to finish both of these for Thanksgiving - am I being too ambitious? Considering I've never knit a sweater before, it's quite possible that I am, but that's not going to stop me. I better be off to get some knitting done...